how does a highbanker sluice box work

how does a highbanker sluice box work

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So what is a sluice box and how does it work? Basically, a sluice box is a long, narrow box with a series of obstructions called riffles in it. If the sluice is placed in a running stream of water, and gold-bearing gravel and dirt is fed into the upstream side, the heavy minerals, including gold, get caught in the eddies created by the riffles ...

What is a Power Sluice or Highbanker?

Great "little" sluice box. Even though the riffle section is only 17" it does an excellent job of catching the fine gold. I only gave it 4 stars because the wires to the water pump are only 3 foot long (I had to add wire) and the DVD that came with it is for a bigger sluice instructing to dump the material in much faster than this little sluice can handle.

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PLEASE NOTE 1) We do not sell pumps and hoses. We have recommended specs for all units HERE. 2) ALL our units come with matting pre-made and installed. .

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The lighter material will travel out the end of the sluice box in what is known as the "discharge". Lets take a closer look at the design of a sluice box. The basics of a sluice box! The Sluice Box 101: Introduction. The sluice box is designed to have the water do the work for the prospector.

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Feb 20, 2019· In this video I show how I built my Highbanker. Building a high banker is not too difficult if you are a handyman and can use basic metal working tools. Finding gold with a high banker is much ...

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A sluice box usually has a flare at the top end, this increases water flow through the box, which in turn will help you extract the gold (once flow is not too fast). For a sluice box to work at optimum efficiency there should be no white water showing in the sluice box – …

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High bankers are an improvement over normal sluice boxes with their ability to easily filter out rocks, and work away from the initial source of water. What Is A High Banker. A high banker is a device attached to the top of sluice boxes or dredges; designed to allow the easy deposit and filtration of large amounts of source material.

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A highbanker is essentially a modern sluice box that is set up above streams or creeks and uses a water pump to pull the water up into the box so that a proper sluicing operation can take place. A highbanker is really a small-scale version of larger gold mining production machinery that is used throughout the goldfields of the world.

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A sluice box is one of the oldest simple machines used by gold prospectors. It is a "separator device" that breaks layers of river sediments until gold is separated from all other materials. The box is non-moving and simply uses gravity and the flow of water.

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A power sluice or highbanker is basically a sluice box with height and mobility and is motorized. It is mounted on a 4-legged stand that gives the sluice box the correct slope. Instead of being put right in the creek like a hand sluice, an engine with a water pump and some hoses gets the water up from the stream into the sluice or highbanker.

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Sep 17, 2019· How Sluice Boxes Work Running a sluice box is one of my favorite methods of prospecting. With relatively little equipment to pack in, a prospector can move a lot of material and develop a good amount of concentrates in a day. Sluices also have the advantage of being hand fed, non-powered equipment, so no gas to pack, no smoke to inhale and no noise to spoil a quiet …

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Jan 15, 2020· Like a standard sluice box, a power sluice needs to be angled, however, the slope of a power sluice (highbanker) is three to four inches per foot. Keep in mind, pumping water uphill will eventually slow the flow of water thus reducing the efficiency of the sluice.

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Existing sluice designs rely mainly on gravity to capture gold. With the CC690, not only is the force of gravity at work to trap gold, but the very force of the water itself is used to create high energy vortices that trap and hold gold particles against the matting.

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Sep 05, 2016· The beauty of a highbanker is that it can be used with a limited amount of water, because a pump is used to pull water from the creek to run through the sluice box. You don't need to worry about situating a sluice to work within the confines of the creek, because it can be set up away from the creek and water is pumped directly to the highbanker.

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Feb 28, 2013· The simple Royal Manufacturing sluice produced more than the Keene highbanker did and was used more because I didn't have to work so hard to lug all those buckets of samples to it. You can grab that Royal Sluice by the carrying handle and move it with you. Start simple, then you will know what you want to do next.


A good sluice will have a flared entry to catch and channel more water into your sluice to help move unwanted material out of the system. We hope you enjoy our Sluice designs, we know they work and will last you and your family for years to come. If looking at our modular sluices you will see you can upgrade and add functionality to them, from ...

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PLEASE NOTE 1) We do not sell pumps and hoses. We have recommended specs for all units HERE. 2) ALL our units come with matting pre-made and installed. .

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How a Sluice Box works 2. As i have already said the Primary V Mat will trap the smallest dusts and grains of gold, larger gold will pass through the V Mat and continue into the main body of the Sluice Box. This is where you will catch the vast majority of the gold :). The riffles are essential in understanding how a sluice box works and ...

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Jan 15, 2020· Like a standard sluice box, a power sluice needs to be angled, however, the slope of a power sluice (highbanker) is three to four inches per foot. Keep in mind, pumping water uphill will eventually slow the flow of water thus reducing the efficiency of the sluice.

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The highbanker breaks apart into two sections for easy transport and weighs 49 pounds. The perfect size unit whether you're one person or a group of 6. It will handle a full team all day long. Plumbing connection is 1.5" so make sure you have a way to reduce it. Does NOT include CLAY CLAW which is an option shown in videos and on our website.

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The latest technological design is the new 3 stage sluice box. The new box works similar to the double or triple sluice, classifying the fine material into separate compartments or sluices for processing. The differences are: 1. The material is classified 1/3 of the way down the box allowing the fine gold to fall and settle out of suspension. 2.

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A power sluice, also called a highbanker, is a piece of equipment that uses a pump to force water through a sluice to mimic the natural flow of a stream.Sometimes a hopper with spray bars is employed, where the gravel is introduced into the sluice, to wash the gravel over a classifier screen to remove pieces of rock that are too large to go through the sluice.

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Jul 23, 2013· Cars, motorcycles, sluice boxes and whatever else I see that I like. Got to dig to get the gold and you also have to dig for good information. I like my UnderFlow set up and how it works for my purposes. I have a lot of clay and black sands to contend with and my highbanker does great with all of it. Again, I will post some pics here soon.

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Gold Highbanker Tips page. # Always do a DRY RUN before heading to the field. ALWAYS… We're NOT talking about starting / running your pump dry, we're talking about setting everything up, hooking it up, just like you're at the creek. You NEVER know what is not going to work. Maybe a thread is wrong… maybe you have a vs. a male ...

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Oct 23, 2012· Once you get your you riffles done, you will need to have a way to secure your riffles to the sluice box. There is a link below to Amazon where you can order the latches. These are pretty much the same as the ones on jobe and keene sluice boxes. Make sure take into account the thickness of your miners moss in the bottom of the sluice.